Some Recent Reconstruction Attempts
2. Drawings

Painting by F. John, from "Tiere der Urwelt", 1902.

The well known Russian painter and naturalist N. N. Kondakov created this image 1967 for die Russian edition of Heptner und Naumov's 'The Mammals of the Soviet Union',
apparently influenced by von Brandt's 1846 image.

image from Kamchatka

very lively reconstruction by a Russian artist, forward extremities probably too long and flipper-like (published with the permission of the authors of the site "kamchatsky krai")

Zeichnung von Dugald Stermer
1987 Dugald Stermer created this rather convincing image, under D. Domning's direction.
(from D. Domning (1987), Sea Cow Family Reunion)

Zeichnung von Pieter Folkens
This reconstruction drawn 1989 by Pieter Folkens (advised by D. Domning), avoids many of the previous errors.
(thumbnail from the Poster for the National Marine Educator's 1989 Conference)

eigene Grafik

Own attempt 2003.

This drawing in the Encyclopedia Britannica is quite convincing. Its plump proportions and the stumpy arms correspond very much with the contemporary descriptions. In my imagination the animal preferred even shallower waters and a more horizontal position.
By courtesy of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., copyright 2001; used with permission.
The full size picture in secure.britannica.com)

Very convincing reconstruction. Who knows where it has been published and/or the artist?

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