The Skeleton in Khabarovsk
Presently (2016) the skeleton in not displayed.
Photos: Marko Müller, August 2003 (skull temporarily removed)

rear view

Here are some photos of the pelvic bone, by Evgeniy Novomodniy of the Museum Khabarovsk:
inside inside
outside outside
rear view rear

Ilium ilium

Ischium ischium

Annotated drawing
of the Khabarovsk specimen
by A. Birula (1928).

Photos from the Museum's archive


1900 improper installation,
the innominate upside down.
(until, 1928, Birula established the correct position of this bone, see the 1946 photo)

from 1914

1916 - with Austrian POWs.

1946 premaxillae still present. Left innominate (replica?) not present today.

Condition ca. 2004

Skull today, lacking premaxillae.

I understand that the specimen is not displayed presently (2013).