The Skeleton in Braunschweig
(Photos H. Rothauscher)
Incomplete, composite, mounted (hanging from ceiling) 7.05 meter long skeleton. skull with periotic, 47 vertebrae, 29 ribs, right scapula, left and right humerus+radius+ulna, right pelvic bone (41 cm), several vertebrae and ribs incomplete and repaired/supplemented, the missing components are replicated, no sternum.

Skeleton excavated 1900 by Dr. Brasche and presented 1907 by Adolph Dattan (A. Kleinschmidt, 1951).
The proportions of the skull suggest that this is the skull of a male:
(Dybowski, 1883 'Notice sur la différence sexuelle entre les crânes de la Rhytina stelleri',
Kleinschmidt, 1951)


half lifesize model   

 portrait of model